Eberron: Towers and Tunnels

Into the depths of Sharn

The rain was pouring down as our heroes made their way to a warm, comfortable tavern where they could acquire the essential things in life — ale and more ale. Sadly, their journey was interrupted by a chance encounter with a freshly murdered corpse and the warforged assassin that had placed the body in that state.

Things looked dicey for a moment but Yaguara, fearless animal companion of the druidic axeman Atreus Foreststrider, acted quickly to defend his master and stopped the killer with one savage attack.

It didn’t take long for the city watch to make an appearance, and they sent the group on their way after briefly questioning them.

Later, at the tavern, Foreststrider was approached by a cloaked figure bearing the seal of House Cannith with instructions to attend a meeting about the murder the next morning. It is the connection to House Cannith, as much as the murder, that causes Foreststrider to drag his friends into the business.

A representative of House Cannith, Elaydren d’Vown, is waiting for them. She explains that the murdered man was seeking to recover an artifact schema from deep below the city, and was murdered by rivals who are after it for their own purposes.

She hires the party to take up the dead mans quest and gives them a diary recovered from the body. It included directions that would help find the artifact, and had an archaic version of the Cannith seal stitched onto the cover with mithril.

The group intimidate a goblin merchant into guiding them to a point mentioned in directions left by the dead man. Unfortunately, it seemed that their rivals had also learned of the location and had set an ambush.

It was not a particularly successful ambush, and the group moved on. Their was was soon bared by a door, sealed by magic, and marked with the ancient sign of House Cannith. Farstrider instinctively raised the diary to the door, which glowed and swung open…


dorward dorward

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