Eberron: Towers and Tunnels

Of goblins and zombie dwarves

As y’can guess from what went on before, we had to hit the ground running. So we headed out of town bound for Darguun on the first lightning rail service we could catch (although I left a note for me old mam first, and asked a couple of the lads to watch out for her – she’ll doubtless skin my hide when I return anyway, and I don’t want her to have any extra reason).

From lightning rail, we switched to guard duty on a caravan. Luckily for the others, I spotted trouble coming, when it inevitably did, in the way of a whole goblin war party coming up behind. While the others did what they could to set up for a fight, I snuck back and had a shufty at the oncoming horde. Unfortunately, one of ‘em got lucky and saw me too – after sending a warning message to the rest back at the caravans, I had the chance to show off my markmanship to a few goblins who came after me, before taking to my heels with their arrows at my back.

Luckily, the rest had done a reasonable job of the defences, and when I got back a little ways ahead of our would-be attackers, we were fit to make a stand. So the goblins charged, and got chewed up like meat in a grinder (literally, in some cases – that Yaguara’s a scary beast when she’s riled, or hungry, which seems to be most of the time). Lootin’ proved fair profitable, although I never did get my hands on one of the fancy bows some of them were totin’.

So, we get into the city, and make our way to this guide we’re meant to contact. The greedy bloke asks us for a real rube’s price, but I talk him out of it, and we head out of town, duly wow’ing the local loan sharks when they come to collect along the way. He had a pretty swanky ground vehicle, as it happens, and we got up into the mountains to where we needed, righ’ on the edge of the blasted Mournlands, without any real trouble.

However, it seems others had got there ‘fore us, and not just anyone – the bleedin’ Emerald Claw were there, along with plenty of walking bonepiles. Now, I’m none too feared of a fight, but there’s something unfair about the other bloke being already dead. So we sneak around, and with me leadin’ the others, and them not doin’ so bad, even the toffs, we manage to go right past the Claw all the way to the buildin’ we need. Inside, though, it’s not so easy – a half-frozen zombie dwarf manages to sniff me out, if you’ll believe that, and we end up having to have a bit of a barny w’two of the claw’s henchmen and that stunted corpse clawing at my ankles. We take ‘em out before they think to raise the alarm, however, an’ more or less get what we need from the buildin’. Or at least I think so – I got busy watchin’ fer trouble while the others had a look at it, soon as I saw there was little worth the takin’. We need to find us some more profitable ruins. Although I’ve a thought that our guide’s vehicle might be worth a fair bit, if I can persuade the others it needs borrowin’...


Not usually one for city folk, I find myself become comfortable with my new companions. At the moment I am reluctant to call them friends, but who knows what the future brings. They all seem to be good folk, of sorts, and even Lugo seems to be honourable in his own way, even if he is obsessed with coin. Maybe I should take him home so he can experience the forest and help him get some more perspective on life. I have a funny feeling, however, that we may be heading into the wilderness sooner than we expect.

Of goblins and zombie dwarves
dorward Deebles

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