Eberron: Towers and Tunnels

The Mournlands is no vacation destination

Having found the map and the location of the House Cannith research facility, we left Rosequarry in the land cart and headed for the Mournlands. Brokering a deal with the driver, he agreed to return 5 days later to collect us, providing we were still alive. The mists of The Mournlands did not look inviting and I was suddenly feeling very home sick. At any rate, we had agreed to find the schema so we headed into the mist, weapons at the ready. Once we were in, Alain Orgev d’Orien kindly told me that Orcs patrolled the borders of the Mournlands and killed anyone who came out… he could have told me that before and perhaps I would have changed my mind about this trip.

After a short walk through the mist we came across the remains of a trebuchet and some dead guards. These guards looked like there were only killed yesterday, but they wore the crest of the old rulers of these lands who were wiped out over four years ago. Something very odd is going on here and I do not like it. It was at that point that four wolves lept from the mists, but they were no ordinary wolves. I was shocked to see such abominations, but Lago did not blink as he let loose with his hand cannon, disintegrating two of them. Not to be out done, I cut down the final two and was once again glad to have Lago by my side. Perhaps he is not all that bad after all?

After some light hearted banter to break the tension we continued our trek and soon came across the door to the research facility. Entering was easy, but the facility was strange. It was a series of rotating spherical rooms with corridors and rooms running of them, accessed using different coloured rods. We quickly worked out how the facility worked and set about exploring the rooms. We found the schema, but for me, two far more important things occurred while we were down there.

Firstly, we met a talking wolf; what a miracle! I could not believe my ears when I heard her speak for the first time and was so glad when she agreed to return to Greatpine with me. I cannot wait to tell her all about my home and what the forest has in store for her and her friends.

Secondly, and far more disturbing, was what happened to me when some strange device was activated. It seems I am dragonmarked and even worse it is House Cannith who betrayed and murdered my father. Since our return to Sharn, I have discovered that my father could have been Arron di’Cannith who was instrumental in the creation of the warforged. I must find out more, but I am not sure I will like what I find. Diago d’Cannith seems to want to help me, but who can I trust? Perhaps mother will know more about my father. I must return home and ask her and luck or fate would have it, we must return to Greatpine to continue pursuing the schemas. It seems a higher power is watching over me, but do they want me to continue my work with the Wardens of the Woods or right the wrongs done to my father and House Cannith? I must meditate on this.


Aye, that was a venture and a half. Exploding balls of fire, more of those cussed warforged, and those dratted stingy emerald claw types taking the fake schema an’ making me look bad in front of our sponsor. Still, it was a profitable time, all told.

Coming back to Sharn had an unpleasant surprise in store… it seems I’d better be watching this Diago fellow closely whenever I’m back home. If he does wrong by our Mum, he’ll pay.

dorward dorward

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