Eberron: Towers and Tunnels

We all love a good bar brawl....

Told by Atreus Foreststrider:

After a month of regular work in Sharn I was still no closer to undercovering the identity of “J” and house Canith had been next to useless. Elaydren d’Vown had come up with no information and, although she had promised us more work, none had materialised. That was until a regular trip to the mail office found it ransacked and the messsage we had all been waiting for had been stolen. Bloody typical!

I managed to work out that the ransackers consisted of a warforge and some kobolds. Not those warforged again…. Lago Glusely then went off looking for any traces of them, but instead recieved a message from Elaydren d’Vown, asking us to urgently go to the Broken Anvil. We did as told, but she barely said two words when the ransackers found us and a rather bloody bar brawl began.

To cut a long story short, I took a nasty wound to the gut and Lago Glusely cooked a large number of Kobolds with what can only be described as a firework launcher. I regret ever mocking him for such a ludicrous drunken purchase. As always we then looted the corpses, finding a rather nice looking magical cutlass, and headed on our next adventure. Finally we were leaving Sharn for somewhere hopefulyl quieter and with more trees.


Damsel in distress

So, today I went to the rescue of a beautiful, rich, damsel in distress.

Did I say rich? I meant “loaded”. Anyhow, to cut to the chase, we found a message from our employer had been intercepted by a warforged and some kobolds. We then received another message by an alternate route basically telling us to come quick, and we hurried down to meet her, getting to her location (which, incidentally, was the tavern where my Mum works – glad she wasn’t there) just before the warforged and his buddies turn up. They start firing arrows and slinging stones at us, so I quickly move to protect our bonny blonde employer and we all get stuck in. My friend Atreus a little too literally – he took a wound which I swear would bring down most guys and kept on fighting. Meanwhile, I was trying to calm down our employer at the same time as testing out that new toy of mine – which really was as simple as point, trigger the fuse, and watch people go bye-bye, it seems. Hope my Mum never finds out I fired it off in her workplace, though.

Anyway, we took them down, looted their corpses, and our very lovely employer gave us a shiny swag bag full of swag to kit us out for a new job. We’re off tomorrow at dawn, and I’m leaving Sharn for the first time to go raise hell in the sticks. Should be fun.

We all love a good bar brawl....
dorward vallance_simon

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