Fearless animal companion


Yaguara is a fiercely loyal cat and has lived alongside Atreus Foreststrider since he was a young boy. Yaguara bears the marks of a typical jaguar however amongst those who know, he is easy to spot: He has no spots on his nose and one of his paws is completely black.

Yaguara is linked to the keen senses of his friend and master, Atreus. The two of them work flawlessly together, savaging their enemies with axe and claw, but also living together in harmony. The two of them enjoy the quietness of the wilderness as well as observing all around them from a quiet corner.


Yaguara’s family have been linked with the Foreststrider clan for decades now and the two families have an almost telepathic understanding of each other. Unfortunately, not many of Yaguara’s family are left any more after they were brutally slaughtered and ate by Gragnok’s barbarian Orc tribe. Atreus and Yaguara have vowed to take revenge on Gragnok, but first they must uncover the meaning of the mysterious letter they found in the hand of a dead Orc from Gragnok’s tribe. House Canith want something from the Foreststrider temple and they must not be allowed to have it.


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