Hemlock Mastarson

Consulting Detective based in Twelve Pillars, Upper Tavicks Landing, Sharn


Str 11/0, Dex 12/1, Con 12/1, Int 17/3, Wis 15/2, Char 13/1

Action Die: 3d4

Skills: Bluff (11), Crafting (13) Chemistry, Inscription,Disguise (2), Haggle (8), Impress (9), Investigate (15), Medicine (9), Notice (13), Prestidigitation (2) Resolve (8), Search (15), Sense Motive (12), Survival (5).

Allignment: Boldrei

Languages: Common

Studies (3) Sharn, Criminology, The Emerald Claw

Lifestyle: (8) Panache(5) Apperance(+2) Income(50 s)/ Prudance (3) Money saved 30%

Renown: 1 Heroic track 1

Holdings The Anchorage Scale 4, Guests 1/15, Library, Assistant +2 Cost (28 Reputation)

Contact Sgt. Dolon

Non Combat Abilities Origin: Human (Methodical) Free Hint, Slow & Steady, Enlightened Investigation, Enlightened Haggle.

Others: Trade Secret (Search), Mark, Extra Contact, Basic Skill Mastery (Investigator), Bright idea (2/session), The Right tools (Expertise Investigate), Brilliant.

Combat Feats, tricks and abilities Fencing Basics, Decisive, Fast, Parry Trick, Fencing Mastery, Relentless attack Trick


Born of an unknown solider Hemlock Mastason’s life began in Middle Tavicks Landing in the ward of Deathsgate. Hemlock’s mother worked as a tavern wench tending to the needs passing soldiers and adventurers.

The young Hemlock spent his time exploring the city of Sharn, listening to tales of the War and watching. His keen mind, even at a young age, picked up on things others missed. It was this knack that started him informing to the watch.

In particular a young Dwarven Officer, Dolom, found that the young lads talents were most useful. He made sure Hemlock was looked after.

At age 12 Hemlock’s father returned to Sharn. Devlin Farstan was not an ideal father figure. Frequently drunk and abusive he claimed Hemlock’s mother as his wife. Hemlock was paid a not inconsiderable sum in money to “Never bother them again”

Hemlock invested the money and apprenticed himself to a chemist at the university. Eight years of Laboratory work had kept him alive and learning but he grew restless. Taking out the money he had invested earlier Hemlock bought “The Anchorage” a large complex of rooms in one of Twelve Pillars towers. Here he set up shop as a consultant and detective.

The job was stimulating and occasionally dangerous for a while before becoming very interesting and extremly dangerous. Involving himself in the affairs of the Families and the Halfling Maffia brought his profile a little higher than was intended for the time of his carreer. A number of cases lead him on to a number of leads and on to the bigggest case of his career to date

Hemlock Mastarson

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