Atreus Foreststrider

Druid beast master


Atreus has a well built physique, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a set of chain mail, covering his torso, legs and arms. A dark green woolen cloak covers the mail and he often walks around Sharn with the hood up with only the glow of his pipe illuminating his face. Strapped across his back is a large great axe bearing the marks of his clan, whilst in his belt loops he carries a number of small hatchets. Of course, walking loyally by his side is his companion Yaguara.


The Eldeen Reaches is a vast forest, covering a large area of north west Khorvaire. Few settlements of note, save for the large city of Greenheart, are located within the dense forest. Traditionally the forest was inhabited by tribes of druids who shared the trees with the wildlife of the forest. However, in more recent times the forest has shrunk in size and traditional tribes are dying out as people migrate to larger settlements. In other cases, smaller tribes have merged with their neighbours to form larger, safer settlements. Greatpine is such a place and is one of the settlements where the Wardens of the Woods live. The purpose of the Wardens is to patrol the forest, protecting the animals and keeping outsiders from destroying what they have learnt to call their home for centuries.

Atreus Foreststrider was born in Greatpine 18 years ago. Since he can remember the village in the trees has grown significantly with more and more treehouses being built every year. Born into the Foreststrider clan, Atreus was blessed with an affinity with the animals of the forest. For generations the Foreststrider clan has selflessly protected the lands around Greatpine along with their beast allies. To the Foreststrider’s, these beasts are part of their family and Atreus has known Yaguara, his animal companion, since he was a kitten.

Atreus had always taken a keen interest in the history of his clan. His mother, Esme, had often told him stories of the clan and the forest, telling Atreus about the days of old and how the great god Balinor came to the clan in beast form and told them about how they must live in harmony with the forest and protect it at all costs. The clan built a temple in honour of their god, but Esme often told Atreus of how the temple fell many decades ago to the evil Orc tribes from the mountains. However, Esme was always sad when she talked about the temple. Atreus later discovered that his father had died trying to take back the temple when Atreus was a baby. The clan axe wielded by Atreus’ father was never found.

In recent years Atreus took a keen interest in the temple. One day while on patrol with Yaguara, Atreus had ventured far from Greatpine and was in fact almost at the entrance to the old temple. Investigating flickering lights up ahead, Atreus stumbled across a small band of Orcs guarding the outskirts of the temple. Atreus noticed that Yaguara had become visibly distressed and as Atreus surveyed the band of Orcs he suddenly noticed why. The heads of Yaguaras family were on poles by the fire and the Orcs were eating what was left of their bodies. In a rage Atreus and Yaguara ran from the undergrowth cutting down two Orcs before the rest of the band had even realised. As Yaguara leapt over the fire, ripping the jugular from an Orc who was readying his crossbow at Atreus; Atreus buried his great axe in the skull of the final Orc. As the Orc fell to the ground his hand opened revealing a crumpled letter. The letter had the broken seal of House Canith on the outside and the contents read as follows:


With this letter you will find the first instalment of our agreed payment. I trust you will now carry out what I asked with no further complications. I want that artefact from the temple and kill any beast or human that stands in your way.


At that moment Atreus heard a voice from the darkness. “That letter is mine, Uman”.

Gragnok’s voice sent shivers down Atreus’ spine. Atreus had barely had time to raise his axe when the Orc emerged from the darkness, swinging a large axe towards Atreus. Atreus managed to dodge, but the axe caught his leg and he fell to the ground as Gragnok swung the axe around for a second blow. At that moment Yaguara leapt from a nearby tree and bit deep into Gragnok’s arm, giving Atreus time to get to his feet. As Gragnok wrestled with Yaguara, the moonlight glinted off the Orc’s axe and Atreus noticed that he was wielding the Foreststrider clan axe. Atreus realised that this Orc must have killed his father! With a scream Atreus charged towards Gragnok, but the Orc had already thrown off Yaguara and steadied himself. With very little effort Gragnok dodged the wild attack from Atreus and buried his own axe in the shoulder of Atreus. Atreus screamed in pain and stumbled backwards. At that moment Gragnok chuckled, “Puny Uman”.

Atreus knew he could not defeat this mighty Orc and so he decided, with regret, that he must flee. He summoned the rest of his strength and jumped onto the back of Yaguara who then ran into the darkness of the forest.

When Atreus had recovered he decided that he had to try and trace the mysterious letter. With the blessing of his clan he headed for Sharn where he befriended Lago Glusely (Paddy’s character) after helping him out in a bar fight. In turn, Lago introduced Atreus to Alaine (Jim’s character) who agreed to try and find the sender of the letter. The only condition was that archaeologists from Alaine’s House would be given access to the Foreststrider temple to discover its history.

Atreus Foreststrider

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