Lago Glusely

Party thief; young, reckless man-on-the-make


Nimble human adventurer Burglar 4 8867 XP Action dice: 4 d4

Stats Str 10 Dex 19 Con 12 Int 12 Wis 14 Cha 10

Skills Acrobatics +13; Athletics +7; Blend 0 (u); Bluff +7; Crafting +1 (u); Disguise 0 (u); Haggle +9; Impress 0 (u); Investigate +3; Medicine +1 (u); Notice +9; Prestidigitation +11; Resolve +1 (u); Ride: +4 (u); Search +8; Sense motive +3; Sneak + 11; Survival +2 (u); Tactics +3

Interests Alignment: Olidarra. Languages: Common; Goblin. Studies: Sharn local knowledge; Organised crime.

Lifestyle Panache 0; Prudence 1


Personality: a bit rough and ready, lacking in social graces but fairly eager to impress;

Residence: Callestan (lower Dura)

Motivation(s): Money; bragging rights; loyalty to family & friends; thrill-seeking; curiosity.

Background: Lago’s parents were a local barmaid and a former army scout who’d moved to the city for a job in the guard. His dad taught him to shoot and had been bringing him up pretty well before he died in a riot provoked by a commanding officer when Lago was 13, leaving behind Lago, his mother, Cirla, and his younger sister Adela. Lago still owns his Dad’s old bow and is well-practised with it.

Following his father’s death, Lago’s mother went back to working in the Broken Anvil in Callestan, and Lago took up with a local group of small time thieves under the leadership of the only slightly older Ejain, a rather dangerous and ambitious type. This group are currently affiliated with House Tarkanan (an alliance of convenience to stay out of the conflict between the Boromar clan and Daask), but also pay tribute to the Boromar clan. Being particularly quick on his feet, Lago’s role in the gang was primarily as a spotter and a runner, although he also learned a fair bit from them in the ways of sneaking around, fast and lucrative looting, and a little sleight of hand. The high points of Lago’s activities with the gang included helping to sneak a few members who had got caught in the Bazaar out of jail, and successfully stealing the golden offerings from a small temple of the Keeper that he happened across in the back of the Cracked Mirror, a quiet local inn which serves as a front for the Tyrants. His career in crime didn’t prove hugely profitable, however; Ejain took a hefty cut, and he contributed a fair bit of it to the upkeep of his mother and sister, and to pay for the latter’s apprenticeship at the temple of Olladra in Callestan.

These days, Lago is employed sometime as a courier and general errand boy for House Orien, from where he knows Aleyn; he started work with them through an old friend of his father’s, who’d been worried from what he’d seen of how things were going. Ejain let Lago go without any real rancour; although based on what Lago knows he’d be concerned if Lago had much to do with any of his rivals, having a friend pursue a reputable career in one of the houses seemed potentially advantageous in the future. It was after “one last” heist with the gang (where they got away with a few miscellaneous cases of smuggled goods from the Stores district) that Lago met Atreus Foreststrider, when celebrations in one of the rougher taverns in Underlook descended into a brawl.

Lago’s currently looking to slip his gang connections and find more lucrative and impressive opportunities out in the wider world. Over the longer term, he’s also looking to get his mother and sister to a safer, less seedy part of town somehow.

Lago Glusely

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