Warforged Plots

Overheard in Whiteforge

“The location where Aaren d’Cannith hid the map is inside the room that Blackjaw, the tribe’s Shaman, has made his quarters. He still does not trust me, it was a mistake to appear to Gragnok first. I won’t be able to extract it until I can win his trust, or we eliminate the majority of the tribe.”

“It is a low priority. There are two other schema to acquire, we will focus our efforts upon them first. You will continue to try to earn the trust of Blackjaw. What is the status of the distraction we have laid for Cannith West?”

“Jorlanna d’Cannith is angry. Her last communication implied that she had already demanded the completion of the agreement. The emotional reactions of Gragnok lead me to suspect the message was lost. She requires the schema before the end of the month.”

“I have forged a duplicate schema. Its physical structure is identical to the original and it has been enchanted sufficiently to fool most magical examinations. The Cannith lady will be fooled unless she manages to acquire the other three schemas and activate them.

“Take it from the storage locker. The original is wrapped with a band of steel thread. When you return this facility will be near full restoration. Be prepared for heightened security.

“The cataliser is installed. Prepare for power test.”

The two Warforged pull levers, a hum fills the room and …

Warforged Plots

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