Eberron: Towers and Tunnels

Agents of Breland?

Of the blood-soaked hunt for a treacherous dead man

So’s yeah, we got back, an’ I got a chance t’unwind, play some fastball sports an’ make some easy dough. Seems all this runnin’ around has sharpened me up. (The old gig w’House Orien seems t’have died due to me not bein’ around, but it was a tad borin’ anyway). An’ in the meantime, I got me some armour that’s not fallin’ t’pieces.

But then, while over some drinks in a cosy nook, we got a message, claimin’ t’be from th’Dark Lanterns. We follow it up, an’ it seems as they’ve a job fer us in terms of huntin’ down some magic sword-stealin’ murderin’ traitor, just seen harin’ off out of the city in th’company of his sister. Good bounty fer him alive, less fer him dead, plus a bit more fer the sword. So we get sent off straight t’chase him, w’magebred horses an’ all, although strangely things seem not so urgent that they don’ stop t’check our credentials w’some silly assessment involvin’ catchin’ an ape.

An’ so off we go. T’begin with, he gains on us a little as we try t’spare our horses, so we start ridin’ em harder an’ changin’ ‘em as we go. On thinkin’ abou’ it later, it seems strange they couldn’ have provided some faster mode o’transport, or used agents more readily t’hand than ourselves; mebbe they’re stretched, or mebbe someone don’ want too many people knowin’ o’this. We’d best be careful when it comes t’gettin’ th’bounty… bu’ yeah, back to th’ story.

Long story short, we catch up just shorta the city our man Luciern is headin’ for. As we ride ‘im down, th’coach driver starts throwin’ fire at us. Mebbe she got upset when I tried settin’ fire t’the coach w’my own arrows or somethin’. Meantime, Rokar’s lookin’ a little off, starin’ at the back o’the coach fer some reason. Anyways, tha’ doesn’ last long, as Aleyn an’ Atreus do somethin’ t’get th’coach t’crash. The driver falls from the coach an’ I ride up an’ plug her quick, not likin’ the idea o’more balls o’fire comin’ my way. Then wolves come runnin’ outta th’forest, an’ this strange black smoke comes outta the wreck o’the coach. The wolves are soon despatched, bu’ when we look inside th’coach, all we find is a coffin.

So yeah, a vampire. Our man Aleyn gives us th’lowdown from his scholarly knowledge of’em as we put an’end t’the sufferin’ of a wounded horse, burn th’body o’the driver in case she might be tainted, an’ then settle down t’some horse steaks. Waste not, want not, as they say. I’m a bit off my dinner, however – never killed a woman before (well, ‘cept fer helpin’ off that one as worked fer the emerald claw, but she hardly counted), an’ I’m not too sure how ta finish off a man as can wander off as smoke.

But anyways, we carry on t’the city that Luciern was headed for in such a hurry. Seems as there’s some contact he may have there at an embassy, an’ Aleyn scores us some tickets fer a party there that seems a likely way in fer him, while I shop aroun’ fer smart duds an’ some concealable little silver knives – seems as silver may, or may not, help w’finishin’ off our man Luciern. Meantime, we hear stories of people turning up without any blood, an’ we give th’watch what information we can… but there’s little t’be done t’find him inna strange city, other’n turn up at the party.

So to the party we go , me feelin’ like a goblin in silk in the strange clothes. I find a seat an’ keep my mouth shut an’ eyes open while th’others go aroun’ askin’ questions. Then up pops our man Luciern outta nowhere, about t’assault some lady. We rush in, bring him down, an’ I grab his sword… but away he vanishes inta smoke again. We’ve half an idea where he’s goin’, though; seems he’d booked passage on an airship outta here. Wi’the city’s watch an’all up in arms besides possible other black lanterns in pursuit, we’re hopin’ he’ll get on board, an’ so we’re headin’ that way ourselves. Besides th’bounty, an undyin’ bloodsuckin’ murderer with a grudge against us is not someone we want wanderin’ around. If he sees us, mebbe he’ll make himself scarce, an’we’ll be stuck strapped to an elemental in the sky headin’ a hundred miles from anywhere. But I’m half hopin’ he’ll stick around; after all, we’ve got his sword. Th’other half is wonderin’ how we’re goin’ ter finish him off fer good this time…


dorward Deebles

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